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Who told you that you weren’t enough?

Who told you that you couldn’t do great things because you didn’t have the right resources, education, upbringing, knowledge, credentials, abundance and “look”?

Who told you that you didn’t deserve all that you desire, all that you wish for? Who told you that it would be “difficult” and that it wasn’t possible for you?

Who told you that other people are able to do what you would love to do, but you are not capable because you don’t have what they have and never will? 

You told yourself these lies. Other people may have put them into your head and circumstance may have made it look that way, but you accepted it. You owned it and made it your story. You caved in and looked for reasons to justify that all those things were true because you made it your belief. 

You believed you weren’t worthy. You believed you had no right to greatness. You believed that you got dealt a bad hand. You believed that you didn’t have it as good as others did and so GOD (or whatever you believe in) decided that in this lifetime that you don’t get to be happy. 

I call bull shit. I call bull shit because God didn’t put us here to be simple, small and defeated. 

You are worthy of greatness. I don’t care what you don’t have, where you came from, what you are lacking. You are infused with light and love from a source that thinks the world of you. 

It is about time you started to think that of yourself. 

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