The Power Of Visualization ( And how to use it)

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The Power of Visualization (And How To Use It) 

As human beings we were gifted an amazing ability. We were given the gift of imagination. Imagination allows us to think thoughts and mentally picture a vision in our mind while simultaneously feeling the feelings of what we are imagining without the event being present at that very moment. We can go back in time to events such as our wedding, the birth of our children, graduations, first dates and any past event that has an emotional connection to it good or bad not because we have a great memory, but because of the emotional connection we have to that memory. Emotions drive our visions and visions drive our emotions; which are the cornerstone of manifesting.  Our ability to go back in time and reminisce or to picture future events with feelings is a power that if used correctly and efficiently can help mold the unfolding of our lives. When we declare a consistent vision we have a mission, and when we have a mission our brain will conspire to bring to us all the ways in which to achieve whatever that mission is. It is law and it is the way our brains are wired. We are the only species that has the ability to utilize intention and set goals for the future.  We desire future events, we want certain things to come our way, we plan and take steps to get where we “want to be.” No other living animal does this.

 When I first began practicing the law of attraction, visualization was one of the many tools I used to align with my desires. I dived deep into the practice once I realized its power. It comes fairly easy to me as I am able to close my eyes and take myself into what feels like a different dimension. Many of the manifestations that occurred and continue to occur in my life are conjured up in my mind first, replayed consistently on a daily basis when I have chosen a specific manifestation that I would like to focus on. By doing so I am doing more than just dreaming.  I am creating neural networks in my brain that tell my brain that this is the intention, this is how I want to feel, this is what I am wanting. Now that I have laid the ground work, my brain can begin to find ways to create that vision and make it a reality by making me see things I perhaps didn’t see before, keeping me in a state of being that aligns with the vision I have so that I attract people, situations and opportunities that will make me feel those feelings and re-patterning my behaviors driven by new thoughts that again – align me with my desire.

 Here are some tips for how to use visualization and make it work for you.


  1. Do It To Feel Good, Not To “Manifest”

 Okay, I know what you are thinking; Isn’t the reason why I am doing this so that I can manifest my desire!? Yes it is however, if you go into a visualization in order to “make something happen” or to come to you, this can create resistance. The goal of visualization is to create a clear picture of what you want and to feel the feelings that you would have if that vision came to be NOW and to revel in the enjoyment of that vision for the sake of feeling good in that moment. The reason why we want things at the core level is because of how they will make us feel. We aren’t seeking more money, we are seeking abundance, security, freedom. We aren’t seeking a new lover, we are seeking companionship, passion, joy, contentment. We are seeking emotions and states of being more than we are seeking the objects or events. If you can pinpoint the emotions that you are desiring and feel those emotions as you visualize your intention and enjoy doing so without needing the vision to be the “reality” or to make it come to you, you have begun to open up the gateway to allowing your desire to manifest.  If you are not focused on the fact that it is not here yet and  instead  focus on the fact that you feel good in that moment and make that enough, you release resistance. Going into a visualization should be enjoyable and should be something that you look forward to simply because you feel good doing it. Just as you do not have to go back to relive a memory in reality to feel the feelings you felt at that time, you do not have to be living out your desired future reality to feel it now. Dive into your visualization to feel good, do it to align, do it to improve your state of being and to feel emotions that you would feel if it were here already. The act of visualization should not be a job; the primary intention of a visualization session is to get clear about the vision, align with positive emotions you will feel in your future vision and to embrace the fact that you feel good at that moment and that is all you need.


  1. Commit To A Daily Consistent Time to Visualize 

 Unfortunately, in order for our visualizations to work we have to be doing them consistently. It is not enough to think about our desire and picture it sporadically. Visualization is a practice and so it must be part of a daily meditation or morning/nighttime ritual. It is important to note that  the quality of your visualization is more crucial than the amount of time you spend doing it so don’t feel like visualization has to take up a lot of time. The best time to focus on visualization is in the early morning when you first wake up and right before bed. These are the times when our brain waves are slower and we are between alpha and theta which is where our conscious and logical mind is not as active and we are able to connect more with our subconscious mind. I also find that writing out the visions and how it feels to have what we desire prior to this or beforehand significantly improves the visualization process as well. Dedicate a specific time daily and throughout the day, I encourage you to dip into your vision when possible again fishing for the feelings and emotions of the visualization often throughout your day. Keep your vision at the forefront of your mind whenever you can and commit to a daily practice. We can’t hit a target we can’t see so keep reminding your subconscious mind what your intention is.


  1. Forget The How. Focus On The End Result

 As conscious beings, we need to know how everything will unfold. We create our own limitations, we create stories of why things aren’t possible, we declare how there are only certain ways in which things can come to us and we try to control everything. When visualizing, focus on the end result of your desire. It is not your job to figure out how you will get there, what needs to happen in order to get there, what steps need to be taken in order for it to unfold or to work on “figuring out” how to make it happen. It is crucial to understand that there are a slew of ways in which your desires can align with you that you could never even begin to imagine for yourself. I always say that you can’t bring a logical mind to a magical universe. Take away the need to control how your desire unfolds and focus on the end result. Anytime that your conscious mind wanders into your visualization with the “how” and what is “needed” release it and express “I am open to any way in which this can and will come.” It is also important not to focus on the one and only way in which you think it could happen. Declaring that something must come in the way that you see it possible blocks off all other possibilities. Trust that the way will be discovered without your hard work. Let the end result be all that you need to be clear about, leave the rest to the universe and your subconscious mind.


  1. Visualize In First Person Perspective, Use All Your Senses

 When you go into your visualization it is crucial that you are living out your vision from the perspective of you doing the actions, involved first hand in the vision. For example, do not see yourself outside of yourself in your vision, be in your vision looking out. What do you see, hear, smell, taste, feel with your touch? Experience your vision looking outward from your body and mind and not as a movie that you are watching on a screen. Be the main actor of your vision, not part of the audience. Sometimes it is beneficial to speak to your future self and ask him or her questions but when you are wanting to experience the emotions and feeling of your desire realized, you want to be experiencing them “in the flesh” so to speak. Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between what is real and what isn’t so go deep into your vision. Use your body in the vision as much as possible, awaken your senses as much as you can and create an experience inside of yourself, not outside.


  1. Act As If 

 Once you come out of your visualization, take it with you throughout the day. To some extent you may not be able to fully encompass who you are in your vision but you can think like the person you became in your vision. What thoughts would you be thinking if you had your vision? What kind of thoughts does the person you became in your vision have? What would you be doing if you had your vision? Where in your life can you already do somewhat of those things now? Where do you already feel the emotions that you felt in your vision now in your current life and how can you milk them? The idea is create to the upmost ability the state of being that you had in your vision in reality. So if in your vision you are living a rich, lavish free life; where can you appreciate where you are already free? Already rich? If you come and go as you please besides being held down by a job you are essentially free, if you have water, a phone, food, shelter, you are already rich. Feel that way now and throughout the day use your current lifestyle as a gateway to your future lifestyle. Again, it is all about the feelings and emotions. Perpetuate those good feelings and emotions daily and create a new state of being based on your vision and act as if it already here.

We are creators and we can create our reality with true intention and focus and visualization is a the tool that helps us to do that. Enjoy the process, forget about figuring out the how, dedicate even a few minutes a day to get into the feeling place of your dream realized, live out your visualization from your own personal experience and find ways outside of your visualization where you can become who you were in your vision, thinking and feeling as if you would when it is already here. It is a process, it takes time but rest assured that with focused effort and consistency, your vision will become your reality. It is law.



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