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I started dyeing my hair at a fairly young age. The earliest I can remember is fifteen when I wanted blonde highlights and bought the cap that went over your head and you had to  pull out each strand of hair through the little holes with the hooked apparatus. Yeah, you remember those right? 

After a few weeks I decided red was the way to go, followed eventually by blue/black which landed me at the salon for a fix where I had to have my hair stripped then re-dyed back to brown because I had left the dye in for a little longer than I was supposed to. Oops. Clearly, I had not learned my lesson because for the next fifteen plus years, I continued to play around with colors and ultimately dried my hair out.  

This was of course until I went down the rabbit hole and started living a  healthier holistic lifestyle. As my diet changed and I began to cut out toxic ingredients from my food, I realized that the same had to be done with my beauty and  household products. I was fine with not dyeing my hair anymore until those sneaky grey started to pop up and while they were okay for a while, I realized I had to find an alternative to color them.  Like all things I put on and in my body I read ingredient labels on everything and I just couldn’t bring myself to add cancer causing, neurotoxic, hormone disrupting chemicals into my body especially via my scalp. What goes on goes IN.  So I began the search for a non-toxic dye which led me to henna. 

Turned out Henna was not only non-toxic but good for our hair adding shine and strength. After much research and reading what felt like  one hundred reviews on Amazon, I finally decided to purchase “The Henna Guys” brand on Amazon( link at end of post)  

Now, I will say this: this is a very time consuming process. Be prepared to spend the entire day home and with the henna in your hair, but I promise you it is worth it. I spent the day cleaning and catching up on messages and e-mails while my hair “marinated” and I have to admit, it felt like more of  a nice treatment more than anything. 

The first thing that has to be done with this brand is it must be mixed and left 8-10 hours for the dye to release. The package comes with very clear instructions besides quantity of water and coffee that needs to be added. Because I was going to dark brown the coffee was a must. I also added apple cider vinegar as I had read that it helps the dye to last longer. When mixing, optimal consistency is thick enough not to drip but thin enough to apply without clumps so I slowly added the water, coffee and ACV until what I thought was eventually perfect for application. 

The first application is put on for 3 hours and then covered with a shower cap which is provided in the package. I applied it only to the roots where I had the grey and next time will apply all over my head. My hair is about to my bra strap and there was more than enough left after doing my roots. You then have to wash it out with just water as you will do the with the second batch which for me was brown-black henna mixture that had to  sit for only  30 minutes before application. I added coffee and the ACV to this as well. I have to say, while washing it out, I felt kind of “earthy.” I liked that it was good for my hair, came from the earth and smelled like it did.  Let me be clear, henna…well…henna smells pretty bad. It smells like dirt/mud but in comparison to the smell of toxic hair dye and chemicals, I sucked it up and as I said sort of embraced it in the shower. Some people add essential oils to help with the smell but the package said not to do so I didn’t. Here is a picture of both applications. The second batch is washed out of hair again with just water. As per the package, sulfate-free shampoo should be applied only after 24-48 hours. After the shower, I added coconut oil and let my hair dry on its own. 

I was very happy with the results: 

First Application:

Second Application: 

While I did like the red tint from the first application, I wanted to fulfill the whole process and I am glad that I did. I saw my roots looked much healthier and two weeks later the color has continued to hold. I will definitely be using this again and recommend it to anyone that is wanting to stop dyeing their hair the traditional way.  

What we put into and on our bodies is so crucial. Before this journey to natural living, I never thought twice about the chemicals I was allowing into my body especially for the sake of beauty. Beauty to me is treating my body with respect and love and adding unnecessary chemicals to it doesn’t fall into the respect category. We are lucky to live in a time where we can research natural alternatives and we must take advantage of it. What we put on our body matters just as much as what we put into it. 

I hope this post has helped you to at least think about this change you can make. There are multiple colors and options and I suggest this brand as it worked for me!


Happy non-toxic coloring ! 

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