Feelings Attract Reality

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Creation of our life and vision that we have for it starts with a feeling first.

We don’t want the money, we want the feeling of feeling secure, abundant, free, content, supported, being able to give, to be at ease.

We don’t want the relationship, we want the feeling of support, love, connection, communication, acceptance, affection, companionship.

We don’t want the career or business, we want feeling of living out our passion, serving a purpose, serving others, enjoying what we do, having a reason to wake up in the morning, earning income for something that we LOVE.

We don’t want the sexy body (okay, we do) but we really want to feel healthy, vibrant, alive, ageless, glowing, strong, mobile, active, attractive and alive.

Can we feel those feelings right now in our lives without having the things we are chasing yet?


The intention is not to focus on the vision with the idea that it is not here and feel lack that it isn’t, but rather to think about how you would feel if that vision came to be. The question you need to ask yourself after that is :

Where do I already feel those things in the life that I am living right NOW? And then milk those feelings. Milk them like your life depends on it.

Our higher self doesn’t listen to what we say, it responds to how we feel, so if your only intent today is to feel good and look for all the places you already feel what you are seeking to feel, you have begun the alignment process. Now, just keep it going. At all times. KEEP IT GOING.

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