5 Tips to Raise Your Vibrational Frequency



Everything is energy. We have heard it time and time again, but are we really grasping what this means? Are we really understanding this concept and how it relates to us? We are all walking around emitting a vibration and frequency in the form of emotions. Emotions are ENERGY IN MOTION and these emotions determine what we are allowing into our experience. Like attracts like. Plain and simple what we are seeing manifest in our lives is a direct reflection of how we are feeling on the inside. 

When we relate our emotional feelings to that of an energetic frequency, it is easy to spot when we are vibrating on a low frequency versus a high frequency. Emotions and thoughts like fear, unworthiness, grief, shame,  regret, jealousy and so on keep us vibrating at a low frequency while thoughts and emotions like love, gratitude, empowerment, appreciation and passion keep us vibrating at a higher frequency. 

So, why is this important? Well, when we vibrate at higher frequencies we attract better things into our lives. When we are connected to source energy which is vibrating at a very high frequency we are in the “vortex'” where all cooperative components align bringing us to  the people, places, inspiration and circumstances needed to obtain our desires and to live our best lives. Basically the better it gets…. the better it gets. We feel good, full of energy, hopeful, excited, driven and inspired when we are vibrating at a high frequency.

On the contrary, when we are vibrating at a low frequency and not AS connected to source (because we always are) then we create a frequency of resistance which keeps our desires from coming into alignment. Lower frequencies translate into lack of motivation, procrastination, complaining, feeling fearful, worrying, feeling lost, depleted and pessimistic. 

Of course those are the top and bottom of the best and the worst and there are frequencies and emotions  that are in between as well, but you can sense where are you vibrating by paying attention to how you FEEL. 

The good news is that you can choose your vibrational frequency. You have a choice on how you feel and how you are vibrating and in knowing that you truly can begin to shift your life in the direction you would prefer it to be. 

Here are 5 top ways to increase your vibrational frequency: 

  • GRATITUDE:  When we start to pay attention to all of the ways in which we are blessed and begin to appreciate everything in our lives, we let source know that we are thankful and when source knows we are thankful, source gives us more to be thankful FOR. Where focus goes, energy flows so if we can wake up with gratitude and allow that to flow into the rest of the day then we raise our frequency to that of love, joy and appreciation. When we look for the things that are working in our lives it shifts our focus from lack to abundance.  We cannot be sad, unhappy or in despair if we are focused on all of the ways that we are blessed. So milk the things that are working out, the things that are going right, the things that you have that you once didn’t have before and wished for, the things you have that others wish they had. Can’t think of anything? Food, shelter, water, clothes on your back, just to name a few if you need to start with basic things that we can often take for granted.                                            
  • DIET & EXERCISE: Increased energy is created by movement and if we are stagnant and  immobile, energy stays stagnant and immobile. A body in motion tends to stay in motion and a body at rest tends to stay at rest. This relationship is the same with energy. There is always movement of energy and since it is never still, energy is either rising or descending and the movement of our bodies play a major role in this. It is one of the reasons why after we exercise we feel so alive and awakened. Our bodies want us to move for a reason.  It is with consistent exercise and movement that we spark the place of highest vibration and energy in our bodies – our heart.  Movement propels us forward so if we want to move to a higher vibration, we have to simply move. Our diet is also major factor that affects our vibration. When we eat processed foods, sugar, excess amounts of animals products and refined carbs, it not only slows us down but it affects the way that we think, act and feel. Science is currently proving that our gut health plays a role in our emotions and behaviors. When we shift towards a diet of high energy foods like fruits and vegetables, water, nuts and seeds that are natural and pure and come from the earth, we gain the energy stored within those foods that grew from the energy of the sun. These foods provide us with nutrients that help our cells revitalize and heal our gut versus foods without any nutritional content. When our body is getting nutrients it has increased energy and increased energy means an increased vibration. 
  • DO MORE OF WHAT YOU LOVE: What do you enjoy doing? What fills your cup? What makes you feel happy, joyful and productive? Life gets busy and often times we are pulled by the stream of doing what “needs to be done” and not what we want to do, but we need to make it a priority to do the things that make us feel alive. When we are doing what we enjoy and love to do, our soul feels excited and a sense of purpose and ease. When we do what we love,  our vibration will rise, and we can feel it. So get clear about what feels good to you and do it more often. Make a list of these things and set out to do them daily, weekly or monthly.  These things can  be big or small, but if it makes you feel joyful, happy and balanced then you are in alignment and the more that you are in alignment, the higher you will rise and vice versa. 
  • GET OUT IN NATURE: We live in a world where for most, we are indoors for the majority of the day. Tucked in behind the walls we are cut off from the energy of the sun and the fresh air. We are away from seeing the natural unfolding of life. Getting out in nature allows us to connect with the energy of the trees, birds, rocks, flowers and so on. We were not meant to be indoors all day and so when we return to our natural environment, we open up the opportunity to align with a higher frequency. I suggest leaving your phone home and going for a walk or a hike as much as possible. Nature has its own frequency and natural progression of things and when we allow ourselves to be a part of that more often, it grounds us while lifting us up at the same time. It creates a sense of ease and balance within us and it is free to boot! Take in the beauty of all that has been created and how it all comes together. Be present in the moment and take in the life force that surrounds us. The tree doesn’t have to be told to grow or change with the seasons, the birds chirp harmoniously and sing a song of life and a new day, the sun shines bright and warms the planet, the flowers bloom and the insects pollinate. There is a natural order to things in nature and when we are part of that more often, we absorb that flow and natural progression. So get out more and make time to be one with nature. 
  • DETOX YOUR PERSONAL ENVIRONMENT:  Our “personal environment” consists of many things. For one, the things that we watch, read, see,  hear and surround ourselves with on a daily basis. Start paying attention to the things you are allowing into your life that are outside of you and how it makes you feel. Are certain shows, social media posts or the news making  you feel fearful, angry or negative? Disconnect and change your mental diet. Seek situations, circumstances, content and information that make you feel good.  Of course, we can’t ignore everything but we can be more deliberate about what we allow into our mind’s eye and thoughts.  Secondly, our personal home and work space also plays a major role in our vibration. Clearing out clutter and opening up space facilitates a feeling of freedom and ease.  Create a space that makes you feel balanced. Place positive quotes and inspiring words in your environment and get rid of the things that no longer are serving you. Lastly, look at your circle of friends and family. Who makes you feel alive and happy when you leave them or get off of the phone and who drains you? Spend more time with those that lift you up and less with those that bring you down. This may mean you need to set boundaries and may hurt some feelings along the way,  but I assure you that you can’t rise being around others that are negative, angry or fearful. For how to do this see my blog post on creating boundaries here : crystalcreatesclarity.com/creating-boundaries-learning-say-no. We are responsible for our own personal environment and we get to choose what we let in and don’t let in. Protect your energy and space because when we don’t have control over our surroundings, they have control over us. 

So essentially, raising our vibrational frequency basically comes down to paying attention to how we feel and then making conscious choices and changes so that we can feel better. It is about filtering out what brings us down and allowing in more of what lifts us up. It is about being aware of what we are emitting out and understanding that this determines what comes in. What signal are you sending out? It is a signal of love, joy, peace, harmony and abundance or is it a signal of lack, disappointment, sadness and unease? It is such a wonderful thing to be able to control this signal and here is hoping that these five steps help start you on that path of awareness and cleaning up your vibrational frequency so that you can rise to the beautiful life that awaits you. 

The Five Types Of People to Avoid on Your Personal Growth Journey

We have all heard the saying “Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.” This seems to warrant the fact that we are much like the company that we keep and for some that may be true; however, if you are spiritually and personally growing and expanding it is presenting as the exact opposite. As we start to improve our lives with personal development or are on the journey of our spiritual awakening slowly realizing our inner wisdom and potential, we begin to look more closely at who we surround ourselves with. We start to become more aware of how our feelings, emotions and mindset are affected by the company we keep and we realize that some ties have to be cut or at least minimized for us to continue to reach our full potential. We come to the realization that not everyone in our lives are serving us and on the contrary may actually be hindering our journey. Here are the five types of people that we must break free from in order to continue our journey to greatness, growth and improvement. 


Not everyone moves at the same pace towards personal growth. We all are on our own personal journey and we all will progress at different speeds but we are on the road to progress at all times and that is what matters. If we are surrounded by others that have settled and refuse to improve, choose their comfort zone indefinitely, reject growth and change, then we begin to feel weighed down by this as well. This in turn limits our own ability to develop because it takes away from the time that we can spend with people that we get feedback from, share ideas with and collaborate with to learn and expand our knowledge.  When we get together with people in our lives, we should feel inspired, motivated and exchange thoughts of the future and personal evolution. Not all social encounters have to be mastermind sessions, but for the majority of our conversations and gatherings, there should be talks of the journey onward to improvement and positive conversations that encourage progression. Settlers are happy and content with average and staying who they are and if we are on the path to personal greatness and cultivating a life that matters, settlers will only inhibit our journey.


We all go through tough times and need a chat from time to time with a close family member or friend to help guide us and lift us up. We get into ruts and lose our jobs, go through break ups, have stress at work and so on, but those ruts are short lived and then we move on to happier times. Negative Nancy/Ned moves on but he or she moves on to another rut and it seems as though the ruts keep coming and he or she can’t wait to share it with us. Again, again and again, negative Nancy/Ned doesn’t seem to have much interest in solutions and problem solving, in fact it seems as they are more interested in problem creation. They have a problem for every solution and no matter how much we try to help, they stay where they are and defend why they are there consistently. They are dark, heavy, unhappy and not willing to do anything about it. As we prosper and grow, we must limit our conversations and time with them as it will begin to drain us to the point of feeling down ourselves even if we don’t have our own reason to be. We can be willing to give solutions and be there for them, but if they are digging deeper and deeper into their own demise despite our attempts to help them, we must break free or they surely will bring us down with them. People change and make better choices and decisions when they learn and grow; however, Nancy and Ned subconsciously have accepted they are meant to struggle and so they create a life where that is all that they do. It is not our job nor is it our responsibility to bring them out of their darkness, especially if they don’t want out. We must move on and surround ourselves with positive uplifting people that look for the lessons and that get out of their ruts.


There are people in our lives that need favors from us once in a while, people that need us to help them get things done here and there, and then there are the people that that need everything done for them and we are their go to person for all of it. We do it all because we feel guilty if we don’t and we think that if we didn’t help them they would surely perish and have an epic downfall right? Wrong. When we give our all to people that have made us the “go to” person for all of their issues and requests, we create a co-dependent relationship and every time we help when they could have done it for themselves or asked someone else, we enable that relationship. If we are to become greater and become the best versions of ourselves on this journey, we can’t keep focusing on helping the needy person in our lives all of the time. As long as we are there consistently, they will ask for our help consistently and never venture out to help themselves or direct their requests onto anyone else. We don’t have to feel guilty about creating boundaries because something wonderful happens when we do; we give them back their power to thrive without us and sometimes they themselves may even be surprised by their ability to get things done without our help once in a while. On this path to growth, we can’t be hindered by the needs of others that don’t take responsibility for themselves when they are capable. Give them the chance to see that they can, give them the chance to try on their own, and you might be surprised at how much they can do. Help them out, but create healthy boundaries. It is a must.

  1. The Naysayers:

 Whenever we venture on to new horizons with the desire to step out of our comfort zones, we can be sure that the ones around us want to keep us safe and protected and away from harm or disappointment. They will share all the stories of people that they know that failed at what we are trying to do, they know all of the negative downfalls we may encounter and they make sure we are aware of them as well. Maybe there are truly concerned about us and don’t want us to get hurt as we step away from the norm, or maybe they feel that by us flourishing it reminds them that they aren’t. It is up to us to determine whether someone is genuinely looking out for us or subconsciously not wanting us to succeed because it will bring light to the fact that they are not succeeding.  If we must share our dreams, desires and our journey to a better version of ourselves, it is important to share with people that support us and uplift us on the way there. There is a difference between others not agreeing with our journey because it goes against what they believe yet them still being able to root for us and those that flat out tell us we shouldn’t do it because they are projecting their fears and failures onto us.


We know who these people are and we can spot instantly because any chance they get, they will show themselves to us in the form of putting others down.  The gossipers and judgmental people look for any chance to talk about other people’s business and they have an opinion about everyone. In their company, it feels heavy and somewhat uneasy as they bombard us with stories and the lives of others that they don’t have any business sharing with us. The gossipers have constant negative opinions of others and their choices and they tend to judge any moves others are making giving their two cents where it wasn’t asked for. The gossipers and judgmental people are usually people that never have much good to say about anyone and you can be sure that if they talk to us about others, they talk to others about us. Negativity breeds more negativity and we can’t flourish in that type of environment. Successful people talk about ideas and growth and not about other people, so if we are seeking to expand and fill our lives with growth and positivity, we must limit our time with the gossipers and judgmental people around us.

As Jim Rohn, one of the greatest personal development leaders of our time stated, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” We must choose wisely if we are ever to continue to on the voyage to our very best selves. Will cutting ties completely or limiting the amount of time that we spend with these types of people be difficult especially if they are family? Absolutely. No one said that path less chosen would be easy and wouldn’t require sacrifice and difficult decisions, but if we are to step into our greatness the most important aspect of our lives are the relationships that we cultivate and the ones we learn to distance ourselves from. We all deserve a tribe that lifts us up and keeps us reaching for limitless possibilities and so if our tribe is not doing that for us, it is time to move on to a new one. It might be painful at first, but once the weight has been lifted and we make room for those taking the same path with us, we can fly higher than we ever could imagined.



Whatever you are striving towards that you think is taking “too long” to come is on its way at a very fast speed. What will slow it down is your attention and frustration towards the fact that it isn’t here yet. 

It can be difficult to really, really REALLY want something yet at the same time feel so sure that it is on its way that you release it and allow it to manifest. It is a contradictory vibration and that is what keeps it at bay. 

Detachment is no friend of the ego mind that is for sure. 

Today, I want you to breathe. I want you to trust. I want you to release any resistance and just allow divine time to do its job. 

Relax and keep your mind focused on the end results and how that feels. Don’t take note, don’t inquire, don’t take tabs. Just do what you need to do to get closer to what you are wanting by doing your part of aligning with the feeling and taking any necessary actions that must be taken to get you there (because you do need inspired actions) we are powerful but we can’t just sit on the couch and expect things to manifest without showing we are willing to put some skin in the game.

What you want is always there, trust it and you will see it. Patience is tough but it tells the universe you know it has your back and when you do that, it shows up just when you least expect it. 



When we raise them, when we really start to realize our true worth and decide that we are deserving of great things and that those things are all around us if we just let it in, we transform. 

We transform into people that choose to step away from drama, judgement and gossip about others. 

We transform into people that let go of the past failures and look at the lessons then grow from them. 

We transform into people that look for like-minded people that will help make us better and friendships that help one another evolve. 

We transform into better daughters, sisters, aunts, wives, girlfriends, moms. 

When we raise our standards we predict the unfolding of our lives by choosing only paths that lead to joy, happiness, fulfillment and we live outside of the box. We show the world that we can be happy and we ARE happiness if we just let it in. 

The thing with standards though? When we raise them our circles change, our environment changes, our feelings change and change can be scary because when we leave the old behind, it forces us to create a new version of ourselves. We literally have to become different people. When you have been “you” for years and years, it’s scary to change, but there comes a point when we HAVE to or else—well, then nothing changes. 

We can’t be scared to demand better in our lives. We can’t be scared to demand better health and wellbeing, better work and passion for our purpose, better relationships and so on. 

When we believe we are worthy and deserve better, better will come. 

You are the determining factor in your life and how it is unfolding, not anything or anyone else. 

You are worthy and you are enough and you do deserve and can have better, the choice all starts with YOU and raising your standards.

You are Enough

You know all those thoughts that whisper and tell you that you are aren’t good enough? That you “could never” and how “it isn’t possible” 

You know the ones right? The ones that make you forget how truly special and unique you are.

Well, listen here! There isn’t anyone else out there that is like YOU. You are this being that has special talents and abilities that no one else has quite like you. Your experiences, your growing, the good, the bad and the ugly have made you who you are and if you feel that have something marinating inside of you that you want to share with the world, then share it! You are more than good enough. 

My Friends, you have to allow greatness to come out of you. You have to stop waiting for the perfect time, and the perfect situation in order to be your best self. You have to stop searching and just sit quietly with yourself once in a while and focus on what you would love to be doing all day. 
You need to focus on a version of yourself in the future that is so exciting, you get PULLED to it with inspiration from spirt. Motivation is goes away, you need something that pulls you and inspiration shows up when you beckon it. 

But…to get there, you have to start loving yourself more. Give up blame, anger, resentment, fear and just start loving who you are, loving who you could become. Forgive yourself for mistakes and move forward. 

The only limitations you have are the ones that you have put on yourself. You are capable of doing and being anything and once you believe that, you will see proof of it daily! 

Attitude of Gratitude

Our vibrational energy AKA our EMOTIONS are clear indicators and  signs of whether or not we are aligned with what we desire. If you are feeling shame, guilt, unworthiness, doubt, anger, fear, jealousy and other low frequency vibrations, you are not lining up with your desires. When you are feeling gratitude, joy, appreciation, happiness, passion, enthusiasm and so on, you are ON the path to the desire. Gratitude and Appreciation are very high vibrations. They also tell the universe “MORE of this please.”  The universe does not care what object or what are focused on to create these feelings. It does take note of the  materialistic or non-materialistic thing you are thanking it for. All the universe knows is you are appreciative, you are vibrating in alignment with it and so it provides more and more of the energy that matches your energy. 


Say it with me my loves:

Today is a great day.

Today I look for all of the things that make me happy and fill me with gratitude.

Today I look for all of the ways in which life is working out for me.

Today I milk all of the moments that make me feel special and make me smile.

Today I focus on how far I’ve come, all the accomplishments I have made, and think about how all of the things I once wanted before are here now I am grateful for them all.

I remember that my energy flows where my attention goes and so today I focus on what makes me feel good. I focus on what makes me happy. I focus on the little things, the big things and everything in between that fills me with gratitude.


Harp on THE GOOD

Find your greatest joys in life and milk them, even when your furbaby interrupts your time countdown for the camera with the need for cuddles.

There’s soooooo many things in your life that bring you happiness, that make you feel good and warm inside. Maybe you’ve gotta dig deep to realize them but they are there.

It’s super easy to get caught up in the drama, trauma and disappointment but focus on that never moves you out of it. Ever.

So today harp on the good, harp on the places you’re blessed in your life, harp on what’s working, harp on what makes you smile even if it’s once a day that you do it.

Thoughts are under your control even when circumstances aren’t.

Say it with me my loves:






What do you worry about?




95% of what we worry about is made up from our thoughts and most things we worry about never even happen!

Some things we allow ourselves to become consumed by:

1) what could happen
2) what might happen
3) what might NOT happen
4) what happen and might happen again
5) what isn’t happening
6) what’s going to happen IF?

Notice something? These are all things in the future or derived from ideas of the past. The biggest way to quit worrying is to focus on one question when you have worry about a situation

1) Is there anything I can DO about it NOW?

If so, well…do it. Do whatever is possible then let it go. Do your part and then release it.

If there isn’t anything you can do, LET IT GO.

Worry is the most useless feeling in our lives. It creates stress, depression, turmoil and dis-ease and it doesn’t have to be that way.

Do what you can with what you have when you can and if there’s nothing that you can do, do NOT spend the days of your life focused on future or past imaginary events that make you feel uneasy. All you have is NOW. Focus on the now. Right now. Let the crap go.