5 Tips to Raise Your Vibrational Frequency



Everything is energy. We have heard it time and time again, but are we really grasping what this means? Are we really understanding this concept and how it relates to us? We are all walking around emitting a vibration and frequency in the form of emotions. Emotions are ENERGY IN MOTION and these emotions determine what we are allowing into our experience. Like attracts like. Plain and simple what we are seeing manifest in our lives is a direct reflection of how we are feeling on the inside. 

When we relate our emotional feelings to that of an energetic frequency, it is easy to spot when we are vibrating on a low frequency versus a high frequency. Emotions and thoughts like fear, unworthiness, grief, shame,  regret, jealousy and so on keep us vibrating at a low frequency while thoughts and emotions like love, gratitude, empowerment, appreciation and passion keep us vibrating at a higher frequency. 

So, why is this important? Well, when we vibrate at higher frequencies we attract better things into our lives. When we are connected to source energy which is vibrating at a very high frequency we are in the “vortex'” where all cooperative components align bringing us to  the people, places, inspiration and circumstances needed to obtain our desires and to live our best lives. Basically the better it gets…. the better it gets. We feel good, full of energy, hopeful, excited, driven and inspired when we are vibrating at a high frequency.

On the contrary, when we are vibrating at a low frequency and not AS connected to source (because we always are) then we create a frequency of resistance which keeps our desires from coming into alignment. Lower frequencies translate into lack of motivation, procrastination, complaining, feeling fearful, worrying, feeling lost, depleted and pessimistic. 

Of course those are the top and bottom of the best and the worst and there are frequencies and emotions  that are in between as well, but you can sense where are you vibrating by paying attention to how you FEEL. 

The good news is that you can choose your vibrational frequency. You have a choice on how you feel and how you are vibrating and in knowing that you truly can begin to shift your life in the direction you would prefer it to be. 

Here are 5 top ways to increase your vibrational frequency: 

  • GRATITUDE:  When we start to pay attention to all of the ways in which we are blessed and begin to appreciate everything in our lives, we let source know that we are thankful and when source knows we are thankful, source gives us more to be thankful FOR. Where focus goes, energy flows so if we can wake up with gratitude and allow that to flow into the rest of the day then we raise our frequency to that of love, joy and appreciation. When we look for the things that are working in our lives it shifts our focus from lack to abundance.  We cannot be sad, unhappy or in despair if we are focused on all of the ways that we are blessed. So milk the things that are working out, the things that are going right, the things that you have that you once didn’t have before and wished for, the things you have that others wish they had. Can’t think of anything? Food, shelter, water, clothes on your back, just to name a few if you need to start with basic things that we can often take for granted.                                            
  • DIET & EXERCISE: Increased energy is created by movement and if we are stagnant and  immobile, energy stays stagnant and immobile. A body in motion tends to stay in motion and a body at rest tends to stay at rest. This relationship is the same with energy. There is always movement of energy and since it is never still, energy is either rising or descending and the movement of our bodies play a major role in this. It is one of the reasons why after we exercise we feel so alive and awakened. Our bodies want us to move for a reason.  It is with consistent exercise and movement that we spark the place of highest vibration and energy in our bodies – our heart.  Movement propels us forward so if we want to move to a higher vibration, we have to simply move. Our diet is also major factor that affects our vibration. When we eat processed foods, sugar, excess amounts of animals products and refined carbs, it not only slows us down but it affects the way that we think, act and feel. Science is currently proving that our gut health plays a role in our emotions and behaviors. When we shift towards a diet of high energy foods like fruits and vegetables, water, nuts and seeds that are natural and pure and come from the earth, we gain the energy stored within those foods that grew from the energy of the sun. These foods provide us with nutrients that help our cells revitalize and heal our gut versus foods without any nutritional content. When our body is getting nutrients it has increased energy and increased energy means an increased vibration. 
  • DO MORE OF WHAT YOU LOVE: What do you enjoy doing? What fills your cup? What makes you feel happy, joyful and productive? Life gets busy and often times we are pulled by the stream of doing what “needs to be done” and not what we want to do, but we need to make it a priority to do the things that make us feel alive. When we are doing what we enjoy and love to do, our soul feels excited and a sense of purpose and ease. When we do what we love,  our vibration will rise, and we can feel it. So get clear about what feels good to you and do it more often. Make a list of these things and set out to do them daily, weekly or monthly.  These things can  be big or small, but if it makes you feel joyful, happy and balanced then you are in alignment and the more that you are in alignment, the higher you will rise and vice versa. 
  • GET OUT IN NATURE: We live in a world where for most, we are indoors for the majority of the day. Tucked in behind the walls we are cut off from the energy of the sun and the fresh air. We are away from seeing the natural unfolding of life. Getting out in nature allows us to connect with the energy of the trees, birds, rocks, flowers and so on. We were not meant to be indoors all day and so when we return to our natural environment, we open up the opportunity to align with a higher frequency. I suggest leaving your phone home and going for a walk or a hike as much as possible. Nature has its own frequency and natural progression of things and when we allow ourselves to be a part of that more often, it grounds us while lifting us up at the same time. It creates a sense of ease and balance within us and it is free to boot! Take in the beauty of all that has been created and how it all comes together. Be present in the moment and take in the life force that surrounds us. The tree doesn’t have to be told to grow or change with the seasons, the birds chirp harmoniously and sing a song of life and a new day, the sun shines bright and warms the planet, the flowers bloom and the insects pollinate. There is a natural order to things in nature and when we are part of that more often, we absorb that flow and natural progression. So get out more and make time to be one with nature. 
  • DETOX YOUR PERSONAL ENVIRONMENT:  Our “personal environment” consists of many things. For one, the things that we watch, read, see,  hear and surround ourselves with on a daily basis. Start paying attention to the things you are allowing into your life that are outside of you and how it makes you feel. Are certain shows, social media posts or the news making  you feel fearful, angry or negative? Disconnect and change your mental diet. Seek situations, circumstances, content and information that make you feel good.  Of course, we can’t ignore everything but we can be more deliberate about what we allow into our mind’s eye and thoughts.  Secondly, our personal home and work space also plays a major role in our vibration. Clearing out clutter and opening up space facilitates a feeling of freedom and ease.  Create a space that makes you feel balanced. Place positive quotes and inspiring words in your environment and get rid of the things that no longer are serving you. Lastly, look at your circle of friends and family. Who makes you feel alive and happy when you leave them or get off of the phone and who drains you? Spend more time with those that lift you up and less with those that bring you down. This may mean you need to set boundaries and may hurt some feelings along the way,  but I assure you that you can’t rise being around others that are negative, angry or fearful. For how to do this see my blog post on creating boundaries here : crystalcreatesclarity.com/creating-boundaries-learning-say-no. We are responsible for our own personal environment and we get to choose what we let in and don’t let in. Protect your energy and space because when we don’t have control over our surroundings, they have control over us. 

So essentially, raising our vibrational frequency basically comes down to paying attention to how we feel and then making conscious choices and changes so that we can feel better. It is about filtering out what brings us down and allowing in more of what lifts us up. It is about being aware of what we are emitting out and understanding that this determines what comes in. What signal are you sending out? It is a signal of love, joy, peace, harmony and abundance or is it a signal of lack, disappointment, sadness and unease? It is such a wonderful thing to be able to control this signal and here is hoping that these five steps help start you on that path of awareness and cleaning up your vibrational frequency so that you can rise to the beautiful life that awaits you. 

The Journey To A Healthier Me

When I think of being healthy, I imagine it as a few things; I think of health as being ageless, having energy and being vibrant and alive. I think of health as an overall perception of feeling good inside and out and being free of diseases, ailments, aches and pains. Of course, we will all age, we will all experience some illness or disease and Father Time will come visit us eventually but I believe we get a say in how long we get to feel good before he does. I believe we were given these bodies to take care of and nurture, for they are the temple our soul resides in. 

But..I didn’t always feel that way. I didn’t always look at things this way and my health was  the last thing on my mind.  

I grew up eating take-out for dinner and if there were  “home cooked meals” they  consisted of frozen foods and pizzas, pasta smothered with butter and salt and foods that had been fried to death leaking oil on my plate. Water was unheard of and in place of it was soda and 4C iced tea. When it came to fruits and vegetables I turned my nose at them. Corn was the only “vegetable” I would consume and chicken was a daily meal in any way shape or form. My go to for snacks was Doritos yodels and  devil dogs. Oh boy did I love those devil dogs. I wouldn’t eat cake (even on my birthdays) but if there were devil dogs in the house, they were GONE. 

Luckily, while my diet was horrible, I was always very active. I did gymnastics as a kid, played handball from sun up to sun down, walked up and down four flights of stairs daily in our apartment building and always worked out. I fought to be in the weight lifting classes in high school and always had weights in my room working out here and there. I always felt pulled to move and be active and because of that I stayed very slim for all of my teens to my early twenties. 

Then, I got lazy. I found my career, a relationship and activity took a backseat to watching TV as soon as I got home from work. Take-out and eating out continued as I didn’t cook much and when I did it wasn’t healthy. Then, I gained about 40 pounds over the course of about a year. I can’t tell you if the depression or the weight came first but they were intertwined for sure. I felt defeated, lost, bored, unhappy and downright miserable. I wasn’t progressing and felt like my life was  on pause.  I looked in the mirror one day and hated not only what I saw, but how I FELT. This was not ME. This was not who I was. I was pre-diabetic, had stomach ulcers, gastritis, acid reflux,  internal hemorrhoids and  eczema on my arms. These ailments making there way around and in my body were enough to make me change.

So I cut out portion sizes of my foods, I stopped napping after I ate, I started to take long walks, I started to drink more water. The weight started to come off and I started to feel like myself again. I started to feel hopeful again and the sadness and unhappiness I was feeling began to fade. I went back to school because it made me feel like I was progressing at something and then made major changes in my life that would lead me eventually to a whole new life. 

I began going to the gym daily, started to google healthy recipes and started wishing for a man in my life that I could grow with and get healthy with. Someone that wanted to get better and improve and that would maybe teach me a thing or two about a healthier lifestyle. And just as  I asked it was given and the universe sent me this juicing, clean eating, obsessed with agelessness and health, gym rat man who is now my husband. 

The very first documentary that he made me  watch was “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” and I was CONSUMED by it. That is all it took, one documentary to shift my whole perception of food. I started juicing, making smoothies and making more meals with greens and vegetable. I started to pack lunch daily instead of eating out. Everything started to change.

That documentary lead me to others like Forks over knives, Food Inc and so on and down the rabbit hole I went. I stopped eating chicken ( I had already given up beef about five years prior out of pure disgust by it all of a sudden.) I still ate dairy but most of my meals were now becoming full of vegetables, beans, pasta substitutes and soups. I would say I was doing pretty good, but I would get even better. 

I left my long time job in the city because I wanted a change (I get in those moods once in a while and tend to act on them) and ended up working at a Nursing Home. As a physical therapist assistant I  see a lot of illness but this…this was horrible. I came home crying daily. It was so sad, it was bringing my down and I knew it wasn’t the job for me but something amazing came out of it. I looked at these patients and contemplated how horrible it must be to be them. Here they were, bed ridden, sick, unhealthy, depleted, half-dead and I realized that most if not all were like this (some in their 60’s!) because of the daily choices they made (and didn’t make) throughout their lives. Eating unhealthy, not being active, not taking care of themselves lead them to living the remainder of their lives sitting in wheelchairs wasting away. This was not how I wanted to live the last thirty to forty years of my life and it drove me to want to be as healthy and vibrant as possible as soon as possible.

In my early thirties, I could see how fast life was ALREADY passing me by and I just did not want to be in there. Ever. It made me look at health from a different perspective and made me value my body and my health more than I ever did before. I started diving into learning more about ingredients and the power of foods and gut health. I learned how food effects our mood and body and I wanted to take back control of my body even more. I wanted to give it what it needed to thrive. 

Along this road to health, becoming eventually primarily plant-based and consumed by learning more and more about how I could be as healthy as possible, a whole new world opened up to me. I came to be more spiritual, more awakened and aligned with God. Opportunities came to me that I could have never imagined and personal development and growth was something I needed in my life daily (and still do) .  Somehow food and living healthier had connected me with the source within me. I felt clarity in my mind and my body, I felt sure of myself. I felt more alive than I had ever before and there wasn’t any going back. This was my lifestyle and it was going to remain that way and it has. 

At 35, I am the healthiest that I have ever been. From cutting portions of the “bad food” to slowly replacing it with smoothies and juices  and more vegetables, eating more from earth and less from boxes, learning about ingredients and how they effect my body, being mindful of what I put in my mouth and why I do so. I eat to fuel my body now and THAT has become enjoyment. Food is no longer my addiction, my go to when I need comfort. My health and vibrancy means more to me than a devil dog and food that weights me down (figuratively and literally.)

We have one body. One life. These bodies that we are borrowing for our time here on earth are going to either function at an optimal level giving us an amazing thriving life, or they are going to fail us. That choice is up to US. How we use our bodies, how we fuel our bodies and how we treat our bodies is a form of self-love or self-hate and God/source did not put us here to hate ourselves.

I can’t imagine how different my health and life would be if I didn’t take this path to a healthier lifestyle. I can’t imagine all of the medications I would be on, how depressed I would feel, how lonely and empty I would be, how many doctors I would be going to and how much pain I would be in. 

This journey to a healthier me isn’t over and it never will be. My goal is to remain as young, vibrant and alive as I can be. My goal is to use this body and mind to expand, grow and get better. If we are not progressing, we are dying. 

I want this life to be the best possible life that it could be and I want to see others make the same choice. I want everyone to see the value in themselves, in their lives, bodies, minds and souls. Our bodies are the gift our souls were given to thrive on this earth. 

Let’s not ever take them for granted. Ever. 

I know I never will again. 

Creating Boundaries and Learning How to say NO

I like to think that I am a nice, caring, loving person. If you need me, I am always there for you and I hate to see anyone suffer, be sad or hurt. My kindness has sometimes been a weakness but it still doesn’t change the fact that I want to be kind. What I don’t want to do though is be so kind that I begin to feel worn down, heavy and burdened by those that benefit from my kindness. The feeling of being drained and burdened begins to manifest within us when we aren’t creating boundaries and are saying “yes” to things consistently that we really want to say “no” to.  The more we do the things that we don’t really want to do and sacrifice our happiness for others, the more we lose ourselves, our energy and our time. To me, taking a stand and creating boundaries is an act of self-love and not selfish as it may appear to others that don’t understand its importance. We have one life and the time and energy we spend living it is something that we can’t ever get back, so when it comes to giving them to others we must treat them as  valuable assets- because they are the most treasured things that we have.  


I grew up with a mom that had manic-depression and with that came extreme amounts of worry, concern, anxiety and a feeling that I had to always be there for her in order to keep her well. To me, especially in my youth that meant that I had to give in to all of her needs and put some of them before my own. When I didn’t, I felt guilty, felt like she would get sick again and I felt like I as letting her down. I was there for her more out of fear and guilt than out of genuine caring sometimes and I knew it. Eventually, it became more of a habit and what I HAD to do more than what I wanted to. With that feeling rising up in me, I had managed to create resistance that was weighing so heavily on me that it started to affect all other areas of my life.  


What I had not realized at the time is that I had trained her to rely on me. I had set the standard for how our relationship functioned and it was more in her favor than it was in mine. By 2009 when her long-time boyfriend of sixteen years passed away, I found myself making up for his lost time on top of the time I was already giving of myself and it drove me into the ground. I was so overwhelmed that I truly lost myself in the process.


It was at this time I realized that I had to start creating boundaries and limitations. I couldn’t see her every weekend, I couldn’t talk on the phone four times a day, I couldn’t run to her house every time she had a problem and I couldn’t spend the rest of my life making hers comfortable. So I began working on saying “no.” I began working on creating a different relationship with her so that she could spread her wings and stop relying on me so much.  It changed everything.

For the better.

Here are a few things I did to create those boundaries with her and how I continue to do so with anyone else in my life that I feel may be taking more of me than I am willing to give:


  1. Communication

I let her know that being there for her too much was becoming too much for me. I expressed how much it was affecting my life and how I felt that if I kept doing it, I would lose my mind. Literally that is how it felt so I told her. When we walk around keeping our thoughts of feeling overwhelmed to ourselves, we truly can’t blame others that are taking what we give. If we don’t speak up and express that we are struggling, that we are feeling pressure and misalignment then we can’t be upset with them. Some people are so caught up in their needs and wants that they fail to see usdrowning. Let others know that it is too much. Whether they comply or not at this stage isn’t important, but it can ease our minds as we get closer to more boundaries because we have been clear WHY we are starting to say “no.”


  1. Shift Responsibility

I reminded her that she is her own responsibility and that I couldn’t (and wouldn’t) spend my entire life doing things for her that should could do herself. I let her know that her decisions had consequences both for herself and for me and so if she still made conscious decisions that hurt her or became a problem for me, I was not going to pick up the pieces because I was not the one that dropped them.  When we let others know that they have to take control of their own lives and that we don’t hold the responsibility anymore, they become more independent and they start to make better choices. When we make it clear that their problems, choices and energetic garbage is theirs and theirs alone, they start to be more mindful because the co-dependent relationship we have created starts to crumble brick by brick, and we want it to. This is also something we have to realize as well in order to release the guilt and anguish we feel when we decide that we won’t be there for people that take advantage of us. We can give advice, we can listen but if we didn’t make the mess, we don’t have to clean it up.  


  1. Follow Through

What I noticed was that the more I became okay with saying “no” and the more I said it, the easier it became to do. I stopped feeling guilty, I stopped feeling scared and worried about her getting sick or being mad because I had been clear about what my standards were for myself and the changes I needed to see happen. As I stood my ground over and over again, the more she began to become more independent, the less she stopped relying on me for everything, and the lighter I felt. We teach others how to treat us. We can’t get upset with others that take advantage of us and wipe us out if we have allowed that to happen or set a standard then go back on it. Being consistent with what we say to those around us about how and why we say “no” and creating boundaries is where true change happens. Just as the co-dependent relationship formed because of our constant availability, a more independent relationship emerges from our detachment.



Most of the reasons why we haven’t created boundaries to begin with all stems from fear. Fear that if we aren’t there or do things we won’t be liked or loved anymore. We fear it would be selfish to say no or to create boundaries.  We experience guilt because then we think we are a bad person if we don’t do certain things.


Yet, the truth of this all is that all those thoughts are just illusions. Just because we stop doing things we always did doesn’t mean that others will stop loving us and IF they did then they didn’t love you, they loved what you did FOR them and in that case is it really a loss? Just because we say no and create boundaries doesn’t make us selfish. It is an act of self-love and if others see it as selfish yet didn’t see them draining you as selfish, isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black? Just because we feel guilt doesn’t mean that it is warranted. After all, guilt stems from doing things that don’t align with our values. While being there for others and maintaining healthy relationships may be one of our values, if we are feeling like we don’t want to do things and do them anyway with a heavy heart and energy, that guilt is then transmuted into resentment. Resentment weights heavier than guilt over time. If we value the relationships in our lives and want to nurture them, resentment will manifest as the complete opposite of nurturing. Our value for good relationships at that point goes right out of the window and so—so should our guilt .  


Let’s commit to doing things because we want to do them for others. Let’s commit to being honest when we feel overwhelmed. Let’s commit to loving ourselves enough to set boundaries and limitations so that we can be the best that we can be. It is okay to say “no” it is okay to step back, it is okay to put ourselves first. No one that is worth it will go anywhere and those that do because you take this action, never belonged in your life to begin with.


Henna Hair Dye

I started dyeing my hair at a fairly young age. The earliest I can remember is fifteen when I wanted blonde highlights and bought the cap that went over your head and you had to  pull out each strand of hair through the little holes with the hooked apparatus. Yeah, you remember those right? 

After a few weeks I decided red was the way to go, followed eventually by blue/black which landed me at the salon for a fix where I had to have my hair stripped then re-dyed back to brown because I had left the dye in for a little longer than I was supposed to. Oops. Clearly, I had not learned my lesson because for the next fifteen plus years, I continued to play around with colors and ultimately dried my hair out.  

This was of course until I went down the rabbit hole and started living a  healthier holistic lifestyle. As my diet changed and I began to cut out toxic ingredients from my food, I realized that the same had to be done with my beauty and  household products. I was fine with not dyeing my hair anymore until those sneaky grey started to pop up and while they were okay for a while, I realized I had to find an alternative to color them.  Like all things I put on and in my body I read ingredient labels on everything and I just couldn’t bring myself to add cancer causing, neurotoxic, hormone disrupting chemicals into my body especially via my scalp. What goes on goes IN.  So I began the search for a non-toxic dye which led me to henna. 

Turned out Henna was not only non-toxic but good for our hair adding shine and strength. After much research and reading what felt like  one hundred reviews on Amazon, I finally decided to purchase “The Henna Guys” brand on Amazon( link at end of post)  

Now, I will say this: this is a very time consuming process. Be prepared to spend the entire day home and with the henna in your hair, but I promise you it is worth it. I spent the day cleaning and catching up on messages and e-mails while my hair “marinated” and I have to admit, it felt like more of  a nice treatment more than anything. 

The first thing that has to be done with this brand is it must be mixed and left 8-10 hours for the dye to release. The package comes with very clear instructions besides quantity of water and coffee that needs to be added. Because I was going to dark brown the coffee was a must. I also added apple cider vinegar as I had read that it helps the dye to last longer. When mixing, optimal consistency is thick enough not to drip but thin enough to apply without clumps so I slowly added the water, coffee and ACV until what I thought was eventually perfect for application. 

The first application is put on for 3 hours and then covered with a shower cap which is provided in the package. I applied it only to the roots where I had the grey and next time will apply all over my head. My hair is about to my bra strap and there was more than enough left after doing my roots. You then have to wash it out with just water as you will do the with the second batch which for me was brown-black henna mixture that had to  sit for only  30 minutes before application. I added coffee and the ACV to this as well. I have to say, while washing it out, I felt kind of “earthy.” I liked that it was good for my hair, came from the earth and smelled like it did.  Let me be clear, henna…well…henna smells pretty bad. It smells like dirt/mud but in comparison to the smell of toxic hair dye and chemicals, I sucked it up and as I said sort of embraced it in the shower. Some people add essential oils to help with the smell but the package said not to do so I didn’t. Here is a picture of both applications. The second batch is washed out of hair again with just water. As per the package, sulfate-free shampoo should be applied only after 24-48 hours. After the shower, I added coconut oil and let my hair dry on its own. 

I was very happy with the results: 

First Application:

Second Application: 

While I did like the red tint from the first application, I wanted to fulfill the whole process and I am glad that I did. I saw my roots looked much healthier and two weeks later the color has continued to hold. I will definitely be using this again and recommend it to anyone that is wanting to stop dyeing their hair the traditional way.  

What we put into and on our bodies is so crucial. Before this journey to natural living, I never thought twice about the chemicals I was allowing into my body especially for the sake of beauty. Beauty to me is treating my body with respect and love and adding unnecessary chemicals to it doesn’t fall into the respect category. We are lucky to live in a time where we can research natural alternatives and we must take advantage of it. What we put on our body matters just as much as what we put into it. 

I hope this post has helped you to at least think about this change you can make. There are multiple colors and options and I suggest this brand as it worked for me!


Happy non-toxic coloring ! 

The Power Of Visualization ( And how to use it)

The Power of Visualization (And How To Use It) 

As human beings we were gifted an amazing ability. We were given the gift of imagination. Imagination allows us to think thoughts and mentally picture a vision in our mind while simultaneously feeling the feelings of what we are imagining without the event being present at that very moment. We can go back in time to events such as our wedding, the birth of our children, graduations, first dates and any past event that has an emotional connection to it good or bad not because we have a great memory, but because of the emotional connection we have to that memory. Emotions drive our visions and visions drive our emotions; which are the cornerstone of manifesting.  Our ability to go back in time and reminisce or to picture future events with feelings is a power that if used correctly and efficiently can help mold the unfolding of our lives. When we declare a consistent vision we have a mission, and when we have a mission our brain will conspire to bring to us all the ways in which to achieve whatever that mission is. It is law and it is the way our brains are wired. We are the only species that has the ability to utilize intention and set goals for the future.  We desire future events, we want certain things to come our way, we plan and take steps to get where we “want to be.” No other living animal does this.

 When I first began practicing the law of attraction, visualization was one of the many tools I used to align with my desires. I dived deep into the practice once I realized its power. It comes fairly easy to me as I am able to close my eyes and take myself into what feels like a different dimension. Many of the manifestations that occurred and continue to occur in my life are conjured up in my mind first, replayed consistently on a daily basis when I have chosen a specific manifestation that I would like to focus on. By doing so I am doing more than just dreaming.  I am creating neural networks in my brain that tell my brain that this is the intention, this is how I want to feel, this is what I am wanting. Now that I have laid the ground work, my brain can begin to find ways to create that vision and make it a reality by making me see things I perhaps didn’t see before, keeping me in a state of being that aligns with the vision I have so that I attract people, situations and opportunities that will make me feel those feelings and re-patterning my behaviors driven by new thoughts that again – align me with my desire.

 Here are some tips for how to use visualization and make it work for you.


  1. Do It To Feel Good, Not To “Manifest”

 Okay, I know what you are thinking; Isn’t the reason why I am doing this so that I can manifest my desire!? Yes it is however, if you go into a visualization in order to “make something happen” or to come to you, this can create resistance. The goal of visualization is to create a clear picture of what you want and to feel the feelings that you would have if that vision came to be NOW and to revel in the enjoyment of that vision for the sake of feeling good in that moment. The reason why we want things at the core level is because of how they will make us feel. We aren’t seeking more money, we are seeking abundance, security, freedom. We aren’t seeking a new lover, we are seeking companionship, passion, joy, contentment. We are seeking emotions and states of being more than we are seeking the objects or events. If you can pinpoint the emotions that you are desiring and feel those emotions as you visualize your intention and enjoy doing so without needing the vision to be the “reality” or to make it come to you, you have begun to open up the gateway to allowing your desire to manifest.  If you are not focused on the fact that it is not here yet and  instead  focus on the fact that you feel good in that moment and make that enough, you release resistance. Going into a visualization should be enjoyable and should be something that you look forward to simply because you feel good doing it. Just as you do not have to go back to relive a memory in reality to feel the feelings you felt at that time, you do not have to be living out your desired future reality to feel it now. Dive into your visualization to feel good, do it to align, do it to improve your state of being and to feel emotions that you would feel if it were here already. The act of visualization should not be a job; the primary intention of a visualization session is to get clear about the vision, align with positive emotions you will feel in your future vision and to embrace the fact that you feel good at that moment and that is all you need.


  1. Commit To A Daily Consistent Time to Visualize 

 Unfortunately, in order for our visualizations to work we have to be doing them consistently. It is not enough to think about our desire and picture it sporadically. Visualization is a practice and so it must be part of a daily meditation or morning/nighttime ritual. It is important to note that  the quality of your visualization is more crucial than the amount of time you spend doing it so don’t feel like visualization has to take up a lot of time. The best time to focus on visualization is in the early morning when you first wake up and right before bed. These are the times when our brain waves are slower and we are between alpha and theta which is where our conscious and logical mind is not as active and we are able to connect more with our subconscious mind. I also find that writing out the visions and how it feels to have what we desire prior to this or beforehand significantly improves the visualization process as well. Dedicate a specific time daily and throughout the day, I encourage you to dip into your vision when possible again fishing for the feelings and emotions of the visualization often throughout your day. Keep your vision at the forefront of your mind whenever you can and commit to a daily practice. We can’t hit a target we can’t see so keep reminding your subconscious mind what your intention is.


  1. Forget The How. Focus On The End Result

 As conscious beings, we need to know how everything will unfold. We create our own limitations, we create stories of why things aren’t possible, we declare how there are only certain ways in which things can come to us and we try to control everything. When visualizing, focus on the end result of your desire. It is not your job to figure out how you will get there, what needs to happen in order to get there, what steps need to be taken in order for it to unfold or to work on “figuring out” how to make it happen. It is crucial to understand that there are a slew of ways in which your desires can align with you that you could never even begin to imagine for yourself. I always say that you can’t bring a logical mind to a magical universe. Take away the need to control how your desire unfolds and focus on the end result. Anytime that your conscious mind wanders into your visualization with the “how” and what is “needed” release it and express “I am open to any way in which this can and will come.” It is also important not to focus on the one and only way in which you think it could happen. Declaring that something must come in the way that you see it possible blocks off all other possibilities. Trust that the way will be discovered without your hard work. Let the end result be all that you need to be clear about, leave the rest to the universe and your subconscious mind.


  1. Visualize In First Person Perspective, Use All Your Senses

 When you go into your visualization it is crucial that you are living out your vision from the perspective of you doing the actions, involved first hand in the vision. For example, do not see yourself outside of yourself in your vision, be in your vision looking out. What do you see, hear, smell, taste, feel with your touch? Experience your vision looking outward from your body and mind and not as a movie that you are watching on a screen. Be the main actor of your vision, not part of the audience. Sometimes it is beneficial to speak to your future self and ask him or her questions but when you are wanting to experience the emotions and feeling of your desire realized, you want to be experiencing them “in the flesh” so to speak. Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between what is real and what isn’t so go deep into your vision. Use your body in the vision as much as possible, awaken your senses as much as you can and create an experience inside of yourself, not outside.


  1. Act As If 

 Once you come out of your visualization, take it with you throughout the day. To some extent you may not be able to fully encompass who you are in your vision but you can think like the person you became in your vision. What thoughts would you be thinking if you had your vision? What kind of thoughts does the person you became in your vision have? What would you be doing if you had your vision? Where in your life can you already do somewhat of those things now? Where do you already feel the emotions that you felt in your vision now in your current life and how can you milk them? The idea is create to the upmost ability the state of being that you had in your vision in reality. So if in your vision you are living a rich, lavish free life; where can you appreciate where you are already free? Already rich? If you come and go as you please besides being held down by a job you are essentially free, if you have water, a phone, food, shelter, you are already rich. Feel that way now and throughout the day use your current lifestyle as a gateway to your future lifestyle. Again, it is all about the feelings and emotions. Perpetuate those good feelings and emotions daily and create a new state of being based on your vision and act as if it already here.

We are creators and we can create our reality with true intention and focus and visualization is a the tool that helps us to do that. Enjoy the process, forget about figuring out the how, dedicate even a few minutes a day to get into the feeling place of your dream realized, live out your visualization from your own personal experience and find ways outside of your visualization where you can become who you were in your vision, thinking and feeling as if you would when it is already here. It is a process, it takes time but rest assured that with focused effort and consistency, your vision will become your reality. It is law.



A Spiritual Morning Routine

Creating a Morning Routine

I was always a morning person. I used to get up 2 hours before I had to so that I could ‘’have more time to myself.” It started when I was about eight. What can I say? I liked to have the time to enjoy my breakfast, shower, get dressed, make sure all my books were packed, homework was completed and then watch whatever early morning television shows that were on until I had to wake my mom up. Even then somewhere deep inside of me, I knew the power of the morning and I knew that I didn’t want to be in a rush, late and disorganized. I knew that I had to get up and get ready because if I didn’t I wouldn’t make it to school. My mom was the complete opposite of a morning person and liked and needed to sleep in late and if I didn’t get her up and going, the day wouldn’t start and I didn’t like that feeling. I didn’t like feeling like I was behind and not up to speed with the day. I liked structure, being centered and in alignment because it made me feel productive and empowered. Yes, even at eight and even though I had no idea what those three things were, I felt I needed it. The soul always knows what is best for us.


Fast forward to becoming and adult, my morning routine over the years shifted and actions were added and eliminated depending on where I was in my life. For the most part I always maintained a good amount of space and time between when I got up and when I had to focus on the day at hand. There were increments of time when I slacked and hit snooze way more than I should have and I can tell you exactly when those pockets of slack were. The times that I didn’t want to get out of bed, it was because sleep meant my mind was quiet, calm, relaxed and at ease. I wasn’t worried, full of overthinking, judgements and anxiety when I was sleeping.  When I got into those ruts, it was the few times I didn’t have new goals, visions, intentions and desires in place. I was stuck and bored and feeling so empty that it was difficult to focus on a vision for the future. I was so unhappy and unfulfilled so I hit snooze again and again and for a while my morning routine was non-existent. Unless of course it was for something that I really wanted to do the next morning. For example, if I had to catch a flight to go the airport for vacation, if I had the day set to see someone I was missing, if there was a big celebration I was looking forward to. If it was anything that got me out of bed quickly in those times, it had to be worth it. I had to be looking forward to something and it had to light my heart on fire.


And so for most of us, that is what it comes down to isn’t it? We have to have something to look forward to in order to feel inspired for a new day. We have to feel the pull of something greater than ourselves to not hit the snooze button and get up feeling alive and ready for the day. A morning ritual and routine allows us to wake up and get clear and intentional about our day and our lives. When we create a morning ritual, we feel empowered and prepared. We take our power back and feel aligned no matter what the day brings our way. We embrace the day and take control of the unfolding of it instead of letting the day take control of us.

When we wake up every morning, the day is ours to mold. We get another chance at renewal, a chance to grow and expand and most importantly a chance to re-pattern how our lives are progressing. Here is a routine that I have found absolutely crucial in my life and that I know will help you if it is applied in your life as well. It has changed the way I see mornings, my days and my life.




  1. The Night Before, Visualize Getting Up in the Morning As Soon As The Alarm Goes Off


The best way to prepare for getting up at the sound of the first alarm is to see yourself motivated for the next morning and visualizing yourself getting up and feeling ready for the day the night before. Picture yourself prepared for the next day, excited to take on the tasks ahead, empowered by a new day, a new chance to improve. A great tool to help you feel prepared is to write out a to do list for the next day the night before and visualize getting it all done efficiently and effectively as you drift off into slumber. See the next day unfolding as you wish it to unfold, and see yourself being the type of person that wakes up with ease when the alarm goes off. Imagine yourself productive, efficient, energized and productive. Doing this often will train your brain to embrace mornings and your life. We are who we imagine ourselves to be.


  1. Shut The Alarm Off, Sit Up at the Edge of the Bed and Dive into Gratitude


When we hit the snooze button consistently our day starts off sluggish and then turns into a rush. When our day begins rushed and we haven’t had time to prepare for the day, we are more agitated, we feel more anxiety, a sense of lack of control and overall disempowered as we feel like we are victims of time. We start to resent time, our lives and our schedules but we have to remember that for some, a new day never came. Some didn’t get another day to open their eyes and begin again so when the alarm goes off, instead of feeling annoyed and angry that we have to get up we should smile. We should feel gratitude that a new day has begun. That alarm clock means you get another chance at life, you get another chance to change your life. Think about how wonderful it is that a new day has come just for you. Fill your heart with gratitude for all that you have in your life and all of the things that are working out for you. Begin simple with the very bed you spent the night on, the roof over your head, the warmth or coolness of your home and breakfast to come. Feel gratitude in your heart for another chance to wake up. You are healthy, mobile and having all the things that you need to start the day. When we consistently hit snooze, we essentially declare that we are not ready for a new day which is a blessing. So get up, get the rampage of gratitude going and shift how you see the new day.   


  1. Meditate, Pray, Get Centered

We must take some time to center ourselves once we awaken. I suggest doing this before doing anything else while the brain has not went into overdrive yet.  The day is going to throw tasks at us, and a whirlwind of emotions and thoughts enter our consciousness the moment we wake up. When we grab a hold of our thoughts before they grab a hold of us we create peace of mind for the day. Centering could be done through meditation, prayer, complete silence or listening to instrumental music but we must create a space for ourselves to get clear about our intentions for the day and breathe in the breath of a new day with positive expectancy. Taking the time to center ourselves, we will decide on the day that we would like to have instead of letting the day take control of us. When we have a clear vision, intention and action plan for our day, we have an action plan for our lives. I spend about thirty minutes working on balancing my chakras and an energy medicine routine by Donna Eden. The amount of alignment that I gain from this has been astounding to say the least. I find less things bother me throughout the day and I am much more aware of my thoughts and mindset throughout the day when I have done this. It has also opened up a door for inspiration and a feeling of guidance and increased intuition.


  1. Journal/Free Writing


Writing without any set intention is extremely freeing. When we put our thoughts and emotions down on paper, it is amazing what comes out especially after we have come out of a meditation. I personally like to write out positive empowering affirmations, my goals achieved in present tense sentences, present tense “stories” of things I desire already manifested and how they feel and small accomplishments and gains I am seeing in my life. In general, as long as you are writing positive thoughts and feelings, you will feel your vibration rise and there will be a release. If negativity pours onto the page, rather than fight it, let it flow and then write out how you would want the situation to go instead, always ending with it positive. Our thoughts have power but our written thoughts have even more. Get them out of your head and into a notebook. I have gotten into the practice of doing this daily and it has shifted me immensely. I feel more grounded, clear and my mind feels prepared for the day in a way that it never was before.


  1. Move Your Body


Maybe you don’t see yourself working out in the morning but there has to be some movement in your body. Maybe it is a few jumping jacks, yoga poses, stretches, marching in place. It truly doesn’t matter what it is that you do, but get the energy moving, get the blood pumping. Feel alive and rejuvenated for the day ahead. Our bodies are meant to move and when we have increase our blood flow, increased our heart rate even for a few minutes, we give our body vitality and prepare it for the day. This movement is a signal for your body to align with your mind. They are connected and so if you align your mind before the day begins, you must do the same with your body.


  1. Personal Development


Beginning your day with uplifting, inspirational and motivating content instead of the news, television, the radio or social media/email is crucial if you want to have a productive morning that in turn transforms your entire day. We are extremely receptive in the morning especially after we have centered ourselves. In order to stay consistent and going towards our goals and desires, we have to keep our minds filled with positive content that serves us. Maybe it is a youtube video or reading a personal development book but it has to something that is facilitating progress, growth and learning. It has to be something that is empowering you to thrive in life and stay consistent. For true expansion to happen in our lives, we have to be getting better daily, we have to be learning from those that already have it down. We have to be filling our consciousness with light, love and growth.



Now, I know what you are thinking: How am I supposed to have time to do all of this? Well the truth is that these can all be done in a matter of 10 minutes or an hour. It really all depends on the sacrifice that you are willing to make. Are you willing to wake up a little earlier to feel more aligned in life? Are you willing to wake up earlier to feel more empowered? To feel less stressed? To be connected to a source that will guide you to the things that you desire in life? Because I will tell you this: When you get into the habit of this routine and you declare that you are willing to invest in your spiritual and mental growth, your entire life will shift. You will see things unfold in a very different way than they previous were. Doors will open up, opportunities will come, ideas will fill your mind, inspiration will fill your heart, you won’t be as bothered by the little day to day upsets and you will finally feel in control of your life versus your life being in control of you.


As the great Louise Hay said “How you start your day is how you’re going to live your day and how you live your day is the way you live your life.”  Our mornings are numbered. Our days are numbered. We need to make them count. We need to take that new day before us and mold it to what we want it to be instead of letting circumstances mold us. We need to take control of our mornings because that is where our power to thrive begins. Our mornings are our blank page, our new chapter, our new book. Write it how you want it to be and don’t be a victim of the alarm clock. When that alarm clock goes off you say to yourself “Ah, hello world.  I have risen and I am ready for this day, let’s do this” and then you get out of that bed and you own your day.  I can promise you that when you stay consistent with this ritual and make it as important as brushing your teeth, your life will shift in a way that you never could have imagined. It will shift to a place that has been waiting for you all along. I think that is worth getting up at the sound of the alarm. BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ: this is your new and improved life calling. Wake up and answer the call.



Imagine if all we ever conjured up in our mind actually came to be instantly. No buffer. No filter. Just BOOM. INSTANT.

Would we think continuous negative, self-sabotaging thoughts? Would we self-judge, create scenarios that don’t serve us and wish badly upon others? 

Would we worry with “what if’s” as much with the story being a negative out come?

Probably not. If that were to happen, we would be more conscious of what we thought and we wished for. We would have constant awareness of how we are feeling and thinking because it would matter to our reality in that moment. 

The truth is, that although these things that we conjure up in our heads don’t currently happen instantly, they do happen eventually if that is where we put consistent thought and energy. It is the reason why we keep replaying patterns of our lives and even thought the scene is different, the theme usually remains the same. 

What theme do you want to have for your life? Is it a life full of struggle, regret, fear, loss, weakness, illness or is it a life full of happiness, joy abundance, love, kindness, health, growth and achievement. 

Thoughts and feelings associated with those thoughts create things. It’s science so ,we can’t really fight it and why would we? We are here to create, let’s take advantage. 🤔

Today let’s feel better. Let’s look for the good and great in our lives. Let’s appreciate what is already here and bask in its greatness. Let”s look to the future with hope and excitement and expectancy. Let’s have a day where we control our imagination and not let it control us. 

Sound like a good idea?

The Five Types Of People to Avoid on Your Personal Growth Journey

We have all heard the saying “Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.” This seems to warrant the fact that we are much like the company that we keep and for some that may be true; however, if you are spiritually and personally growing and expanding it is presenting as the exact opposite. As we start to improve our lives with personal development or are on the journey of our spiritual awakening slowly realizing our inner wisdom and potential, we begin to look more closely at who we surround ourselves with. We start to become more aware of how our feelings, emotions and mindset are affected by the company we keep and we realize that some ties have to be cut or at least minimized for us to continue to reach our full potential. We come to the realization that not everyone in our lives are serving us and on the contrary may actually be hindering our journey. Here are the five types of people that we must break free from in order to continue our journey to greatness, growth and improvement. 


Not everyone moves at the same pace towards personal growth. We all are on our own personal journey and we all will progress at different speeds but we are on the road to progress at all times and that is what matters. If we are surrounded by others that have settled and refuse to improve, choose their comfort zone indefinitely, reject growth and change, then we begin to feel weighed down by this as well. This in turn limits our own ability to develop because it takes away from the time that we can spend with people that we get feedback from, share ideas with and collaborate with to learn and expand our knowledge.  When we get together with people in our lives, we should feel inspired, motivated and exchange thoughts of the future and personal evolution. Not all social encounters have to be mastermind sessions, but for the majority of our conversations and gatherings, there should be talks of the journey onward to improvement and positive conversations that encourage progression. Settlers are happy and content with average and staying who they are and if we are on the path to personal greatness and cultivating a life that matters, settlers will only inhibit our journey.


We all go through tough times and need a chat from time to time with a close family member or friend to help guide us and lift us up. We get into ruts and lose our jobs, go through break ups, have stress at work and so on, but those ruts are short lived and then we move on to happier times. Negative Nancy/Ned moves on but he or she moves on to another rut and it seems as though the ruts keep coming and he or she can’t wait to share it with us. Again, again and again, negative Nancy/Ned doesn’t seem to have much interest in solutions and problem solving, in fact it seems as they are more interested in problem creation. They have a problem for every solution and no matter how much we try to help, they stay where they are and defend why they are there consistently. They are dark, heavy, unhappy and not willing to do anything about it. As we prosper and grow, we must limit our conversations and time with them as it will begin to drain us to the point of feeling down ourselves even if we don’t have our own reason to be. We can be willing to give solutions and be there for them, but if they are digging deeper and deeper into their own demise despite our attempts to help them, we must break free or they surely will bring us down with them. People change and make better choices and decisions when they learn and grow; however, Nancy and Ned subconsciously have accepted they are meant to struggle and so they create a life where that is all that they do. It is not our job nor is it our responsibility to bring them out of their darkness, especially if they don’t want out. We must move on and surround ourselves with positive uplifting people that look for the lessons and that get out of their ruts.


There are people in our lives that need favors from us once in a while, people that need us to help them get things done here and there, and then there are the people that that need everything done for them and we are their go to person for all of it. We do it all because we feel guilty if we don’t and we think that if we didn’t help them they would surely perish and have an epic downfall right? Wrong. When we give our all to people that have made us the “go to” person for all of their issues and requests, we create a co-dependent relationship and every time we help when they could have done it for themselves or asked someone else, we enable that relationship. If we are to become greater and become the best versions of ourselves on this journey, we can’t keep focusing on helping the needy person in our lives all of the time. As long as we are there consistently, they will ask for our help consistently and never venture out to help themselves or direct their requests onto anyone else. We don’t have to feel guilty about creating boundaries because something wonderful happens when we do; we give them back their power to thrive without us and sometimes they themselves may even be surprised by their ability to get things done without our help once in a while. On this path to growth, we can’t be hindered by the needs of others that don’t take responsibility for themselves when they are capable. Give them the chance to see that they can, give them the chance to try on their own, and you might be surprised at how much they can do. Help them out, but create healthy boundaries. It is a must.

  1. The Naysayers:

 Whenever we venture on to new horizons with the desire to step out of our comfort zones, we can be sure that the ones around us want to keep us safe and protected and away from harm or disappointment. They will share all the stories of people that they know that failed at what we are trying to do, they know all of the negative downfalls we may encounter and they make sure we are aware of them as well. Maybe there are truly concerned about us and don’t want us to get hurt as we step away from the norm, or maybe they feel that by us flourishing it reminds them that they aren’t. It is up to us to determine whether someone is genuinely looking out for us or subconsciously not wanting us to succeed because it will bring light to the fact that they are not succeeding.  If we must share our dreams, desires and our journey to a better version of ourselves, it is important to share with people that support us and uplift us on the way there. There is a difference between others not agreeing with our journey because it goes against what they believe yet them still being able to root for us and those that flat out tell us we shouldn’t do it because they are projecting their fears and failures onto us.


We know who these people are and we can spot instantly because any chance they get, they will show themselves to us in the form of putting others down.  The gossipers and judgmental people look for any chance to talk about other people’s business and they have an opinion about everyone. In their company, it feels heavy and somewhat uneasy as they bombard us with stories and the lives of others that they don’t have any business sharing with us. The gossipers have constant negative opinions of others and their choices and they tend to judge any moves others are making giving their two cents where it wasn’t asked for. The gossipers and judgmental people are usually people that never have much good to say about anyone and you can be sure that if they talk to us about others, they talk to others about us. Negativity breeds more negativity and we can’t flourish in that type of environment. Successful people talk about ideas and growth and not about other people, so if we are seeking to expand and fill our lives with growth and positivity, we must limit our time with the gossipers and judgmental people around us.

As Jim Rohn, one of the greatest personal development leaders of our time stated, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” We must choose wisely if we are ever to continue to on the voyage to our very best selves. Will cutting ties completely or limiting the amount of time that we spend with these types of people be difficult especially if they are family? Absolutely. No one said that path less chosen would be easy and wouldn’t require sacrifice and difficult decisions, but if we are to step into our greatness the most important aspect of our lives are the relationships that we cultivate and the ones we learn to distance ourselves from. We all deserve a tribe that lifts us up and keeps us reaching for limitless possibilities and so if our tribe is not doing that for us, it is time to move on to a new one. It might be painful at first, but once the weight has been lifted and we make room for those taking the same path with us, we can fly higher than we ever could imagined.


Go Left

Sometimes it can be difficult to navigate life when you take the blinders off that have been placed on you since the day that you were born. You start to do things differently than everyone else and get judged for it, you start to question everything, you don’t believe things right away just because you saw it or heard it on the news, you follow your intuition more than you follow the crowd. 

When the blinders come off, you see what others aren’t willing to see. You see the truth, you see the lies, you see the program, the game, the underlying intentions.

This ascension process some of us are going through isn’t for the weak hearted or weak minded. It takes courage to begin to break down all the belief systems and stories we have been told. It takes strength to break free of the majority and the thought process that consumes them. 

We have been living our whole lives being told how things should be, what we should do, how things “are supposed to be” but isn’t this our OWN life that we are living? Don’t we get a say at how our lives unfold without being told the step by step process before we get to go out into the world and see it for ourselves?

Go to school. Get a job. Go into debt buying things you can’t afford and pay twice as much for it by the end of paying it off. Work to live but never feel alive. Work until you are 65 years old. Retire. Move to a cheaper state. Go on 15 medications. Die. 


This is a path that is quiet and still. It is a trek and it sure as hell isn’t easy. It is filled with cracks, potholes, bumps, and you get lost—A LOT but I truly believe that at the end of that road you find what those that followed the smooth path didn’t. You find joy, health, happiness, love, freedom, abundance and God. 

The real God. 

The God that lives inside of YOU. The one that got you there. The one that lead the way when things got tough and you wanted to give up. The God that put the dream in YOU for a reason. Wake up my friends. Wake up to the voice that is calling you to something different. There is a reason it is speaking to YOU.


Whatever you are striving towards that you think is taking “too long” to come is on its way at a very fast speed. What will slow it down is your attention and frustration towards the fact that it isn’t here yet. 

It can be difficult to really, really REALLY want something yet at the same time feel so sure that it is on its way that you release it and allow it to manifest. It is a contradictory vibration and that is what keeps it at bay. 

Detachment is no friend of the ego mind that is for sure. 

Today, I want you to breathe. I want you to trust. I want you to release any resistance and just allow divine time to do its job. 

Relax and keep your mind focused on the end results and how that feels. Don’t take note, don’t inquire, don’t take tabs. Just do what you need to do to get closer to what you are wanting by doing your part of aligning with the feeling and taking any necessary actions that must be taken to get you there (because you do need inspired actions) we are powerful but we can’t just sit on the couch and expect things to manifest without showing we are willing to put some skin in the game.

What you want is always there, trust it and you will see it. Patience is tough but it tells the universe you know it has your back and when you do that, it shows up just when you least expect it.