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Heal through nutrition, mindset shifts and personal development.

Hello and thanks for visiting! You are here because you desire to be inspired, guided, motivated and to gain clarity on the path to becoming the best version of yourself. 

My name is Crystal and I  help others to heal their mind, body and soul through  mindset shifts, belief re-patterning, a healthier lifestyle and personal development. As a person that struggled with anxiety, emotional eating, being overweight  and feeling stuck in my life, to becoming a holistic health and wellbeing  enthusiast living a life where I am in a state of constant self-actualization and growth, I am able to relate to the struggle of feeling lost, unworthy and dis-empowered while at the same time holding a space for others to grow and expand with my guidance, support and knowledge.

It is my mission to help others become the best version of themselves by applying the law of attraction, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), effective intention setting techniques, meditation, and proper diet and exercise. I help my clients get to the core of their resistance and release mindset and energy blocks that are holding them back from having all that they desire physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually and mentally.

Inhale the Future. Exhale the past.

What Is Transformation?

Transformation isn’t only about what happens on the outside. True transformation begins within us with our thoughts, mindset, emotions, perceptions, beliefs and inner talk. Real transformation happens when we go deeper into WHY we think the way that we do and WHY we act the way the way that we do. Transformation is an inner job and to transform we must give up all beliefs that have been derived from the past. We must give up who we think we are based on who we were before, what we did before and we must especially give up blame. Transformation is taking responsibility for where our lives are regardless of circumstances and situations that have happened to us and who did what to us.  Transformation means we expand into the person that we CHOOSE to be, and no longer stay stuck being the the person that was created by our past experiences. Transformation is a release of the old you that no longer serves you. Transformation is you consciously deciding who you want to be. It’s no longer living life by default.

I am here to tell you:   You can change. You can grow. You can become the best version of yourself. You are not your past. You can start at any moment and become the person with the love, wealth, health and happiness  that you desire. The ONLY thing holding you away from it is YOU. The good news? YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE THAT and you can start as soon as you DECIDE to. Yes, it is that simple and you can do this.

Want to hear more about my transformation? Click the “About Me” tab and know that if I did it, so can YOU.

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